Peanut Butter Cookie Bites

These are dangerously delicious. Thick chocolately peanut topping with peanut butter centre on a cookie base. It couldn’t get any better. Stack them up and watch them disappear.


For the base

75g unsalted butter

200g double chocolate cookies

For the caramel layer

25g butter

200g caramel

125g peanut butter

2 tablespoons golden syrup

For the topping

220g milk chocolate

1 tablespoon golden syrup

50g salted peanuts – roughly chopped


Pre heat oven to 180c / 160c fan

Line and grease your tin. I use a 20cm square tin. Make sure the greaseproof comes over the tin so you can remove the bites easily.

Start by making the base . Transfer all your cookies into double lined sandwich bags or something similar and bash them into crumbs with a rolling pin.

Once they resemble a bag of crumbs set aside and melt your 75g butter for the topping. Stir in all the cookie crumbs making sure every one is coated and then press into the tin. Bake this for 10 minutes and removed from the oven allow to cool.

Now heat your butter, caramel, peanut butter and golden syrup for the next layer. Mix together and spread all over your cookie base. I bet you can’t resist having a little taste! Leave to set for an hour or so in the fridge.

Remove from the fridge and melt your chocolate and syrup over a low heat or in short bursts in the microwave. When it’s fully melted pour it over your caramel layer, smooth over with a palette knife and sprinkle your chopped peanuts on top.

Return it back to the fridge for an hour or 2 to set. Once it has set gently ease it out with the greaseproof paper and chop into equal squares, oblongs or triangles, whatever takes your fancy.

Coconut and Pistachio Cupcakes

I love baking especially something new. Light sponge topped with sweet icing, coconut and pistachio. Just the thing to go with your afternoon tea.


For the cakes

125g self raising flour

125g butter

125g caster sugar

2 eggs

25g dessicated coconut

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 tablespoons milk

For the topping

50g (weighed in shell) chopped pistachios

200g icing sugar

iced water

30g dessicated coconut


Pre heat oven to 200c / 180c fan

Line a 12 hole cake tin with cases.

Place all your ingredients for your cake in a large mixing bowl and whisk until smooth and creamy.

Transfer evenly to your cake cases.

Bake on the middle shelf for approx 15 mins or so. Once they look golden and are springy to the touch, remove and cool for about 10 minutes.

Transfer to a wire baking rack to cool completely.

While the cakes are cooling mix up your icing sugar, vanilla and water to form a thick paste.

Once the cakes are completely cool, smooth this over the cakes and while still sticky shake over your coconut and top with the chopped pistachios.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes

It’s National Cupcake Day! We don’t need an excuse to enjoy cupcakes in our house. To celebrate Skippy have asked me to make some cupcakes using their peanut butter in my recipe.

If you’re a massive peanut butter fan like I am you will love these peanut butter and jelly cupcakes.

Soft delicate vanilla sponge with a jammy centre topped with creamy peanut butter frosting.

Makes 12


For the cakes

200g self raising flour

200g butter

200g caster sugar

3 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon baking powder

2 tablespoons milk

12 teaspoons jam for the filling


60g smooth peanut butter

300g icing sugar

100g butter

2 tablespoons milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Pre heat oven to 180C / 160C fan

Line a 12 hole muffin tin

Put all of your ingredients for the cake (except the jam) into a large mixing bowl and whisk until smooth.

Drop the mixture into the 12 hole muffin tin as evenly as you can.

Bake in the centre of the oven for approx 20 minutes.

When you see the cakes rising and they look golden it’s time to take them out. Have a little gentle press on one before you remove them to make sure they are springy. This means they’re ready to come out the oven.

Allow to cool for a few minutes in the tin and then transfer to a wire rack to cool.

When the cakes are cool hollow out a hole in the top of the cakes about the circumference size of a 10 pence piece and around 2cm deep.

Now add a teaspoon of jam to the hole of each cake.

Mix up your buttercream adding the milk bit by bit and whisking in until you get a smooth creamy texture.

Pipe on in a cute swirly pattern and devour!

Vanilla Goody Cakes

I’ve made these little fairy cakes for as long as I can remember. The base of the recipe always stays virtually the same but you can change them up and decorate them in so many different ways.

This week I’ve whipped up some vanilla butter cream and sprinkled on some mini smartie like goodies.

Have a go at making them with the kids. They’re quick and easy as can be.

Makes 12


125g butter

125g self raising flour

125g caster sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 eggs

1 teaspoon baking poser

2 tablespoons milk

For the buttercream

250g icing sugar

85g butter

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Few drips of icy water

Mini chocolate shells to decorate


Preheat oven to 200c / 180c

Add all your ingredients to a large mixing bowl. Whisk together and spoon into your cases.

Bake for approximately 15-20 minutes keeping an eye so when they have risen and are nicely golden they are ready to come out.

Allow to cool for 5 minutes, then transfer to a wire baking rack .

While the cakes are cooling mix up your buttercream and transfer to your piping bag.

Once fully cooled pipe on your buttercream and sprinkle on your goodies.

Lemon Fresh Cream Loaf Cake

Soft vanilla sponge, zesty lemon curd and fluffy fresh cream. I absolutely love a lemon cake and find they are really popular.

I fancied a change from my regular lemon drizzle cake and had a play around trying out some variations and here we are. The most delightful cake with a cup of tea. I hope it brightens your day.


175g self raising flour

175g butter

175g caster sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1.5 teaspoons baking powder

2 tablespoons milk

3 eggs – beaten


1 cup double cream

4 tablespoons lemon curd

A dusting of icing sugar to decorate


Pre heat oven to 180c / 160c fan

Put all ingredients for the sponge into a large mixing bowl and whisk until light and fluffy with an electric whisk for ease.

Pour into your lined loaf tin and bake in the centre of your oven for approximately 40 minutes.

It will smell divine and fill the house with that wonderful vanilla aroma.

Once the cake is golden on top and springy to the touch, remove and allow to cool in the tin for a few minutes.

Transfer to a wire rack to completely cool.

Split the cake length ways and meanwhile whip up your cream. You need a consistency where it holds it’s shape.

Spoon your lemon curd and spread over the base of one of the cakes. Now splurge on your whipped cream and sandwich together. Don’t go too mad with the cream as the weight of the top of the cake will squidgy the cream out.

Dust over a little icing sugar and decorate with a beautiful rose for added prettiness.

Nutella and Banana Puffs

I make a similar jam and coconut version of these and when my cousin Cha told me all about her banana and Nutella version I had to try them.

Chocolate, banana puffs of delight is how I can explain them. Wonderful with a cup of tea.

They’re quick as a flash to make which is how I like my recipes to be. They went down a storm in our house. I didn’t even have time to cling film them as they were gone immediately.

Makes 6


1 pack of ready roll puff pastry

2 bananas – sliced into discs

12 desserts spoons Nutella

A little flour to roll out pastry

Beaten egg to glaze

Icing sugar to dust


Pre heat oven to 200c / 160C fan

Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper.

Remove pastry from the fridge and leave for 15 mins or so.

Roll out pastry on a floury surface.

Score out 12 oblongs and pop on a baking tray. Half are for the bases and half are for the lids.

Fill each of the first 6 oblongs with sliced banana and 2 dessert spoons of Nutella.

Pop on the lid.

Brush with beaten egg

Bake in the centre of the oven for 20 minutes. Remove, cool and once fully cool sieve over a little icing sugar.

Tip: Best served with a cup of tea and a good book.

Mini Egg Rocky Road

I absolutely love rocky road. This cute Easter version is a mix of creamy white chocolate, crunchy biscuit, mini marshmallows and mini eggs.

It looks so sweet on my Easter table. What an appropriate recipe for current times! Let’s hope it’s light at the end of the rocky road for us all.


200g white choc chips

45g mini marshmallows

80g mini eggs

80g golden syrup

100g rich tea biscuits

80g butter


Line an 18x18cm tin with greaseproof paper.

Start by bashing your biscuits with a rolling pin so they from little broken pieces. We’re not going for crumbs here. Do this by putting them in doubled up sandwich bags before you do this or you’ll have biscuit fragments flying everywhere!

Now bash the mini eggs while still in the bag to fragment them a bit.

Melt the butter, white chocolate and golden syrup in a pan over a low heat, stirring all the time so it doesn’t catch. Allow it to rest for a minute and fold in all the ingredients.

Transfer to your lined tin, smooth over with a spatula and pop in the fridge overnight or at least for a good few hours to set.

When it’s ready, lift out of your tin by the greaseproof paper and cut into whatever sized chunks you wish.

Fudge Dream Cupcakes

These dreamy cupcakes are so light, fluffy and fudgy. If you like fudge you are going to love them.

I pipe on a little caramel buttercream and top them with mini fudge pieces for extra delight. I hope they make your day a better one.

Makes 12


110g butter

110g caster sugar

110g self raising flour

2 eggs

2 tablespoons milk

30g fudge pieces

1 teaspoon caramel syrup

1 teaspoon baking powder

To decorate

250g icing sugar

85g butter

50g fudge pieces to decorate

1 teaspoon caramel syrup

Few drops of iced water to mix


Pre heat oven to 180C / 160C

Line a 12 hole muffin tin with cake cases

Literally mix everything together (except the items to decorate) in the same large mixing bowl however you best like to do so. I like to use an electric whisk.

Transfer to your cake cases evenly and pop in the centre of your oven for approx 15 minutes.

Once the cakes have risen and are golden and springy remove from the oven and allow to cool on a wire rack.

Meanwhile, mix up your buttercream ingredients and spoon them into your piping bag with whatever nozzle you fancy.

Pipe the buttercream in a whirly pattern in the centre of each cake and top with a few mini fudge pieces.

Coffee and Walnut Cake

This is a coffee lovers dream, the classic coffee and walnut cake. Four layers of coffee sponge with creamy, coffee buttercream sandwiching them all together, smothered in walnuts.

So good I made it twice and stuck them together to make a mount crumpet sized creation. Can you tell it’s my favourite?! Only a billion calories per slice but hey, it’s not like you’re not going to walk it off!


350g caster sugar

350g plain flour

350g butter

3 teaspoons baking powder

4 tablespoons milk

4 teaspoons instant coffee (for the sponge)

6 eggs


180g butter

600g icing sugar

Approx 12 teaspoons iced water to mix

3 teaspoons instant coffee

30g walnuts to decorate


Pre heat oven to 180C / 160C fan

Grease and line 4 cake tins ( 8 inch).

In a large mixing bowl, beat together ( I prefer an electric whisk) your butter, flour, baking powder, eggs and the 4 teaspoons coffee for the sponge. Once it starts to combine slowly add your milk and whisk until smooth and creamy.

Now transfer evenly to your lined and greased cake tins.

Bake in the oven for 40 minutes approximately. Once the tops of the cakes look golden and are springy to the touch they are ready to come out.

Transfer to wire racks to cool.

Meanwhile, mix up your buttercream. Add all your buttercream ingredients to a large mixing bowl and whisk, leaving the water until last so you can add it bit by bit. I bet you can’t resist having a sneaky little try!

Once the buttercream is smooth and creamy and the cakes are cool simply spread the top of each layer with the buttercream and sandwich together.

When you get to the top cake, spread over some extra buttercream and top with walnuts.

Serve with a frothy cappuccino for maximum caffeine rush!

Gin and Lemon Fairy Cakes

Not one for lunch boxes Mums but definitely one for all the grown ups homeschooling! They look lovely on an Easter table too.

These are light, elegant and fluffy, one is never enough. The perfect mid morning treat. I have a feeling these are going to be popular!

Makes 12


125ml self raising flour

125ml butter

125ml caster sugar

2 tablespoons Gin

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 teaspoon baking powder

2 eggs


200g icing sugar

2 teaspoons lemon juice

Zest of a lemon grated to decorate


Pre heat oven to 180C / 160C fan

Line a 12 hole muffin tin with cake cases

Place all your ingredients except the ones for the icing into a large mixing bowl and whizz to a creamy consistency with a blender or wooden spoon if you’re old school. I like a hand blender so I’m in between!

Dollop your mixture evenly between your 12 cake cases and transfer to the middle shelf of your oven for approximately 18 minutes. When they have risen and are lightly golden and springy to touch lift them out and allow to cool. Transfer to a wire rack until fully cool.

Meanwhile, mix up your icing in a separate bowl. Smooth your icing over your cakes and sprinkle over the grated zest of a lemon to decorate.