Red Velvet Trifle

I make this trifle every year. My Mia loves trifle and I am always conjuring up all sorts of variations for her. It’s so quick and easy and perfect for anyone who is not a fan of Christmas pudding. The more kitsch little decorations you can find to adorn the snow scene on top of it the better.


1 red velvet cake – cut into 1 inch thick slices

100ml of sherry

150g raspberries

Small can of mandarins

400g tin of custard

300ml double cream

Chocolate to crumble over the top – 1 Flake or 1 Ripple are ideal


Line the bottom of your trifle bowl ( always a glass one) with your cake slices and pour over your sherry.

Add your mandarins and raspberries on top and then the custard.

Whip up your cream so it holds it shape but be careful not to over whip or it will be difficult to spread over the custard. Once whipped but still drops off the spoon easily, spread over your custard.

Crumble over your chocolate and adorn with your kitsch little Christmas figures.