Banana Split

This old school dessert is so quick and easy to make for the kids while they are off school. Even better get them making it themselves if you can stand the mess. I used Bounty chocolate sauce to drizzle over and it was divine. Sprinkles optional.

Serves 1


1 banana sliced length ways down the middle

2 scoops of ice cream

3 dollops of squirty cream

3 strawberries – cut in half

Teaspoon sprinkles

Drizzle of chocolate sauce


Start by cutting your banana lengthways down the middle and place face up on the plate.

Scoop out 2 balls of ice cream or 3 if you are being traditional and place on top of the banana.

Now squirt on 3 dollops of squirty cream.

Sprinkle over your sprinkles and strategically dot on your strawberries.

Drizzle over your chocolate sauce and devour!