Heritage Tomato and Butterbean Salad with or without Tuna

Heritage tomato and butterbean salad. Perfect with our without tuna. I love Summer so much as there’s an abundance of salads like this. They’re absolutely beautiful and full of flavour. I got some lovely Isle of Wight heritage tomatoes in the most glorious colours. If you’ve not tried heritage tomatoes this is your sign to do so. They’re fresh, crisp and aromatic. The butterbeans give it a real lift. I adore them, they remind me of my childhood when my mum used to put them in everything. Summer in a bowl. I hope you like it.

Serves 3


1 bag of salad leaves

1 handful of rocket

3 large heritage tomatoes

1 small onion – thinly sliced

3 tins tuna ( optional)

2 teaspoons cider vinegar for the tuna

1 cup butterbeans

1/2 cucumber – peeled and sliced


3 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon cider vinegar

Squeeze of lemon

Salt and cracked black pepper

I clove garlic – minced


Arrange your salad in a serving bowl and sprinkle over your butterbeans, cucumber and onion.

Slice your tomatoes into about 1cm thick rounds and place on top of the salad. Mix up your dressing and spoon over the salad. Toss the salad about a bit to make sure it’s all coated in the dressing.

If you are adding tuna drain it and add to a separate bowl. Shake over a couple of teaspoons of vinegar, season with salt and cracked black pepper mixing thoroughly.