Bucks Fizz Lollies

I buy so many lollies as my girls adore them but I love coming up with my own versions. These Bucks Fizz lollies are perfect for a hot day and so easy to make. Perfect if you have any prosecco left over. I can’t believe I just said that. Maybe just buy some extra prosecco to make the lollies.

Traditionally Bucks Fizz is made using champagne but let’s be honest here I doubt anyone is going to waste good champagne on making a lolly as that is a bit extra.

Don’t drive the car after!

Per Lolly


50 ml Prosecco

25 ml Fresh orange juice


I haven’t given exact measurements of what to buy as the ratio of fizz to orange juice is so simple, but a bottle of prosecco and a carton of juice will make lots.

Simply mix up a jug of 2 parts prosecco and 1 part orange juice and pour into your lolly moulds to fill. Add the stick and freeze overnight.