Hot Chilli Salmon and Bean Salad

I love this time of year when the weather warms up and we start adding more varieties of salads to the weekly menu. This hot chilli salmon and bean salad is healthy, delicious and filling. There’s nothing more depressing than a salad made up of just lettuce, tomato and cucumber so that’s why I like mixing it up and adding rakes of other ingredients to jazz them up a bit. Not one to chop out food groups the addition of Jersey Royals add a bit of carbs to keep everyone happy.

Serves 2


2 hot chilli salmon fillets – ready cooked

8 small Jersey Royal potatoes

Small tub of mixed beans – I like edamame and borlotti

Bag of mixed leaves

Sprinkle of sweetcorn

A few cherry tomatoes on the vine

1/4 cucumber – cut into rounds and halved

Knob of butter to coat the Jersey Royals


1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil,

Squeeze of lemon

Salt and cracked black pepper to season

Teaspoon dijon mustard

Clove of garlic minced


Start by boiling your Jersey Royals until tender in a pan of boiling salty water. ( Usually 10-15 mins until tender).

Meanwhile, chop your cucumber and tomatoes add to a large salad bowl along with the rest of your salad items.

Mix up your dressing in a small bowl. You can make up a dressing and use a smaller amount if you are trying to keep things a little lighter.

Shred up your salmon fillets into bite sized pieces leaving the skin aside and add to the bowl.

When your Jersey Royals are ready drain, tip back in the saucepan and add a little butter to coat them. Allow to cool slightly, then chop in half and add to the salad bowl.

Add your dressing and serve immediately.

Tip: Feel free to add your herb of choice. Chives work perfectly.