Feta and Oregano Little Potatoes

I love these little potatoes as a side to chicken and salad, salmon and roasted vegetables or anything remotely mediterranean. Best eaten red hot and crispy from the oven with the feta scattered over upon serving. I hope you’ll make them part of your cooking repertoire.

Serves 2


10 little potatoes

Tablespoon dried oregano

70g feta cheese

3 cloves garlic

Salt and cracked black pepper to season

4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil.


Pre heat oven to 200c / 180c fan

Chop your new potatoes in half or even quarters if they are the larger type of new potato.

Heat your oil in an oven proof dish that you are going to cook your potatoes in. Meanwhile, boil your potatoes for approximately 10 minutes while your oil is heating.

Drain your potatoes and transfer to your dish of hot oil being careful not to splash any.

Shake over your oregano, salt and cracked black pepper. Add in your cloves of garlic. I bruise them with a garlic press so they release more flavour.

Spoon over the hot oil and return to the oven for approximately 40 minutes basting every 10 minutes or so to crisp them up.

When your potatoes are ready to come out of the oven drain off any excess oil, scatter over your crumbled feta and serve immediately.