No Bake Lemon Cheesecake

I love anything lemon and this cheesecake is so creamy, light, fluffy and bursting with zesty lemoniness. I buy the best unwaxed lemons I can find and grate a little over the top for decoration. The marscapone gives it real indulgent taste. I don’t think a little comfort food would do any harm at the moment.


180g cream cheese

250g marscapone

100ml single cream

100g icing sugar

Juice and zest of 2 lemons ( reserve a little zest to decorate)


300g digestive biscuits

100g butter


Start by greasing and lining an 8″ loose bottomed cake tin.

Wrap your biscuits in wax wrap and bash into pieces with a rolling pin, You can do this by blitzing in a food processor if you prefer.

Melt your butter in a large saucepan over a low heat and stir in your biscuit crumbs. Mix to ensure they all get coated in the butter.

Transfer them to your cake tin and press down to make a firm base.

Pop in the fridge while you mix up your cheesecake topping.

Grate the zest of your lemons into a bowl and set aside. I do this on the small grating side.

In a large bowl beat together your cream cheese, marscapone, cream and icing sugar. When fully combined squeeze in your lemon juice making sure no pips fall into the mixture. I do this over a sieve. Now add your zest reserving a little to sprinkle over the top for decoration when the cheesecake is set.

When all your ingredients are smooth and creamy spoon onto your cheesecake base and allow to set in the fridge. I leave mine overnight.

Slide out your cheesecake from the tin and leave on the metal base and set on your desired serving plate. Sprinkle over your lemon zest.

Tip: When squeezing your lemons insert a fork into the centre and twist while squeezing to get as much juice out as possible.