Winter Berry Trifles

Trifle is such a quick and simple dessert especially if you make the jelly the day before. It’s perfect for when you’re entertaining but you’ve got lots to do and let’s face it who hasn’t at this time of year.

Individual trifles look cute and you can make the whole thing in advance and keep in the fridge for a day or two before you eat them. You might want to omit the sherry or Chambord for little ones.

Makes 4


4 teaspoons sherry or Chambord

Sachet of raspberry jelly

Bag of frozen winter berry fruits

Half a madeira cake

Large carton of custard

270ml whipping cream

1 chocolate Ripple or Flake to decorate


Add a slice of madeira cake to each glass and spoon over a teaspoon of sherry. Top your cake with 2 tablespoons of frozen berries.

Make up your jelly mix according to instructions in a jug and pour over and divide between your four glasses.

Allow to set in the fridge for a couple of hours or so.

When the jelly is set pour over an inch or two of custard into each glass.

Whip up your cream so it is not too thick but still holds it shape. Divide over the four glasses and top with quarter of a sprinkled up ripple or flake.