Rhubarb and Custard Trifles

You had me at rhubarb and custard! I love anything rhubarb and custard and if you’re a fan you will love them too. There’s something a bit retro about it I feel.

Always up for a quick and easy recipe I didn’t make my own custard but feel free to. I did make my own cake using my vanilla cupcake recipe but a slice of shop bought madeira cake would work just as well.

Per trifle


Half a fairy sponge cake

Tablespoon rhubarb – tinned

Packet of raspberry jelly ( packet will be enough to make 4)

Custard – to top up

A few dollops of whipped cream

Flaked almonds to decorate


If you are making your cakes follow my vanilla cupcakes recipe to make these. If you are buying them just snap one in half to line the dessert dish.

Top with your rhubarb

Now make up your jelly according to the instructions and pour over just enough to cover the cake and rhubarb. Allow to refrigerate until set. Usually takes a few hours.

Once jelly is set pour over your custard so it’s about an inch thick.

Top with whipped cream and flaked almonds to decorate.