Peppermint Cream Rocky Horror Road

Happy Halloween!

You might have gathered that I’m slightly obsessed with rocky road. It’s my favourite and I love thinking up new versions. This spooky rocky horror road is packed with crunchy oreos, milk chocolate, fluffy marshmallows and peppermint creams. Too good for the trick or treaters!


100g milk chocolate

120g peppermint creams – chopped into quarters

75g mini marshmallows

80g golden syrup

200g oreos

135g butter


Line an 18×18 inch tin with greaseproof paper

Bash up your oreos so they are in fragments rather than crumbs. I do this by putting them in wax wrap and hitting them with a rolling pin.

Add your butter, golden syrup and milk chocolate to a pan and melt over a low heat. Allow to cool for 5 minutes or so.

Now add the oreos, marshmallows and lastly the peppermint cream quarters.

Mix to combine and transfer into your lined tin.

Cool in the fridge for a few hours but preferably overnight.

Cut into whatever size pieces you desire.

Tip: This variety is best served straight from the fridge