Honey and Passion Fruit Yogurt Pots

A quick and simple breakfast that’s full of goodness and deliciousness. Reminds me of a holiday breakfast. This can’t really be called a recipe merely a suggestion for something a bit different.

A lovely Summer breakfast alternative from the usual toast or cereal.

Serves 2


1 tub of low fat natural yogurt 500g – ( I used about 3/4 tub for 2)

2 tablespoons honey

Cup of granola

1 passion fruit


Simply squeeze or drizzle your honey into the bottom of a medium sized glass.

Now add your layer of yogurt.

Now add a layer of granola.

Add another layer of yogurt, then another layer of granola.

Top with half a passion fruit and when you’re ready to eat squeeze over.

Fact: Passion fruit are extremely nutritious. Full of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals especially vitamin C and vitamin A.