Watermelon Frosé

When the sun shows up get your melons out girls!

I made this for the girls to sip while they were sunning themselves on a hot day in the garden and it went down a treat. Made a little secret one for myself in the freezer too and thought I was going mad when Mia admitted she’d liked it so much she had mine too ha ha!

The only problem is you need to drink it really fast before it melts or before Mia has it! To be honest there are worse problems to have in life. I hope it brings you as much joy as it did the girls.


1 watermelon

Half a bottle of rosé prosecco

2 cups of ice blended



Simply cut the top off your melon. I did mine about 2 inches from the top.

Hollow out most of the watermelon and get rid of the pips.

Put your melon flesh in a large mixing bowl, add your prosecco and a couple of cups of ice.

Blend until you have a slushy consistency with a hand blender.

Tip the mix back into the melon, add straws and indulge.

Best served in the sunshine.