Pork In Mushroom Sauce

Pork and mushroom are a great combination. A great weekend dinner that’s so quick and easy yet tastes as if so much more effort has gone into it. I like it served with wild rice and lots of steamed vegetables. It works especially well with broccoli but you can serve it whatever you desire. Hopefully you’ve still got some Sherry hanging around from Christmas to go in the sauce.

Serves 2


2 pork chops

50ml cream sherry

100ml vegetable stock

100ml double cream

6 button mushrooms – chopped

Glug of olive oil


Trim the chops of any fat.

Now pan fry the pork in a little olive oil for approximately 5 minutes, turning frequently.

Add the chopped mushrooms and pan fry a couple of minutes longer. Season with salt and cracked black pepper.

Now add your sherry, stock and cream, stirring all the while to combine.

Allow to simmer over a low heat for a couple more minutes.

Serve straight away with rice or potatoes and your vegetables of choice.