Easy Peri Peri Chicken Pittas

The kids love a Nando’s, they’d have it every day if I let them. It’s so easy to make your own delicious version at home. I always make sure I buy the best pillowy mediteranean pitta’s I can find. Once your chicken’s perfected on the griddle, just load up with your fresh, crispy lettuce and dollops of creamy, peri spiced mayonnaise or hot sauce if you’re hot and saucy. Reduce the peri peri spice on the chicken if you’re a Lemon and Herber!

No knives and forks needed here, just pick them up and get stuck in. We had corn on the cob too but it didn’t fancy being in the photo.

Serves 4


4 chicken breasts

4 mediterranean pittas

1/2 teaspoon crushed dried chillis

Tablespoon olive oil

3 cloves garlic – minced

2 teaspoons smoked paprika

2 teaspoons peri peri seasoning ( 1/2 teaspoon if you’re a lemon and herber / 3 or 4 teaspoons if you’re an extra hot)

Salt and cracked black pepper

Juice of 1/2 a lemon

Lettuce, sliced onion, olives and extra lemon wedges to serve


Mix your spices and minced garlic together in a large mixing bowl.

Chop your chicken in half and then in half again. Now dunk it in the spice mix, coating evenly. I do this wearing latex gloves which I feel is perfectly normal!

Heat your olive oil on a griddle pan, add your chicken and sizzle away until cooked through. Make sure you turn it frequently.

Once your chicken is fully cooked, pop your pittas into the toaster for a minute. Once they pop up split them, steady as they will be full of steam and scorch you if you’re not careful. I hold them individually with a clean tea towel and slice a little with a knife to let the steam escape out.

Once the pittas have cooled slightly, stuff them with your chicken, lettuce, onion and sauce.

Tip: These are amazing with a hot peri peri sauce but if you prefer something a bit more sedate mix up the sauce below which is equally as good and won’t blast your taste buds off!

Creamy Peri Mayo

2 tablespoons mayonnaise

1 teaspoon peri peri seasoning

squeeze or two of lemon

Pinch of salt and cracked black pepper.