Pizza Bagels

Under my section ‘Uni Cooking’ on the blog I’ll be adding quick, easy, nutritious and cost effective recipes to feed students to ease some of Mum’s worries.

Cooking is such a great way to make friends and get chatting if you are sharing accommodation. If you are used to fresh, home cooked meals there’s nothing worse than having to resort to a frozen ready meal if that’s not your thing.

These pizza bagels are quick and easy and as bagels usually come in packs of five you’ll get around five pizza bagels, the cheese and tomato sauce for the price you would probably pay for one pizza. Bargain!


1 bagel

Small tub of tomato pizza / pasta sauce

Mozarella – grated ( if you buy 250g it will cover 5 bagels at least)

Half a slice of ham

Salt and cracked black pepper to season.


Pre-heat your oven to 220C / 200C fan

Split your bagel in half carefully and pop in the toaster to lightly toast. You need to do this as it won’t be nice and crispy if you don’t.

Line a baking tray with foil ( makes the washing up easier) and place your toasted bagel on top.

Spread over some tomato sauce making sure the whole surface of the bagel is covered.

Grate over your mozzarella and add some ham if you have some otherwise simple cheese and tomato is still nice.

Grind on a bit of salt and cracked black pepper and pop in the oven for approx six minutes.

Remove from oven and enjoy!

Tip: Serve with a bit of salad to pack in some of your five a day and please Mum.