Strawberry and Raspberry Summer Smoothie

When it’s hot outside there’s nothing nicer than an ice cold fruit smoothie. The perfect post-workout breakfast.

Packed full of fresh strawberries and raspberries, bursting with vitamins and tastes like Summer.

Serves 2


6 medium strawberries

7 raspberries

1/2 cup raspberry yoghurt

1/2 cup semi skimmed milk

1 teaspoon honey

1/2 cup ice


Simply put all the ingredients including the ice into the blender. If I can’t be bothered to get the blender out I just use a hand blender and put sunglasses on in case any ice chips fly out!! Weird!

Literally whizz all the ingredients up in your desired way until you have a lovely smooth, icy, frothy smoothie.

Decorate with a strawberry and sip though a candy cane coloured straw to be all retro.