Lemon Possets

I wanted to make something pretty to match these lovely pastel coloured dishes so lemon possets seemed perfect. These are a lovely, zingy Summer dessert if you are having a dinner party or ideal as part of an afternoon tea. Recipe is adapted from @bbcgoodfood.

I adore lemons and add them to so much of my cooking. A girl I once knew used to peel them and eat them like apples but I wouldn’t go that far!

Makes 6


600ml double cream

200g caster sugar

zest of 3 lemons, 75ml lemon juice


Gently heat the cream and sugar in a saucepan. Stir until all the sugar has melted into the cream.

Simmer and let bubble for about a minute.

Remove from heat and add your lemon zest and juice and gently stir through to combine.

Pour into your little dishes, once cool cover and refrigerate for at least three hours but overnight is best.

Top with a raspberry and a tiny mint leaf for aesthetic purposes.

FACT: Lemon oil aroma is thought to aid relaxation.