Easy Juicy Berry Trifle

I deliberated whether to post this easy trifle recipe at the risk of insulting anyones intelligence as it is not exactly rocket science to make but to be honest that is the charm of it. You can of course make your own sponge, custard and jelly from scratch but hey no-one will hold it against you if you don’t!

Anyway, I decided to post it because we all need a little bit of comfort at the moment and you’ll be glad I did.


400g punnet of strawberries

150g punnet of raspberries

500ml double cream

500ml fresh custard

Sponge cake – 1 swiss roll or 1 madeira slice

75ml of orange juice

1 packet of raspberry jelly mix

Couple of squares of chocolate to grate or half a Cadbury’s Flake crumbled over


Start by slicing your cake into pieces to line the bottom of your trifle bowl. A glass bowl is best so you can see all the colourful layers. Now pour over your orange juice so it soaks into the sponge.

Slice your strawberries (reserving some for the topping) and add these along with your raspberries to make the second layer.

Now make up your jelly according to its instructions and pour over your cake and fruit. Pop in the fridge to set.

Once your jelly has set pour over your custard and return to the fridge for a while so you can get the cream topping ready. If you could leave overnight that would be good but it’s not an issue if you can’t.

Pour your double cream into a separate mixing bowl and whisk until it forms thick peaks. Careful not to go too berserk and whisk too much or it will be too thick to spread over your custard. When this looks soft and whippy remove the bowl from the fridge and spread on top of your layer of custard with a spatula making sure it reaches the sides of the bowl.

Now it’s time to decorate the top with the rest of your strawberry slices. Place these evenly around the inside edge of the bowl and grate a little chocolate over the centre. I find this a rather satisfying thing to do. I must get out more!

Get it down you!