Lime and Chilli Quesadillas

These are perfect for a dinner or a weekend brunch. Although perfectly fine without, the lime and chilli really do make them. If you love hot spice then do add the chilli but of course if making for little ones then you may want to leave this out! Be warned these are seriously hot so you need to serve with a big dollop of greek yoghurt to give you a bit of relief. An ice cold beer would work equally as well.


Serves 4

4 chicken breasts

1 teaspoon of paprika

1 teaspoon of garlic powder

1 teaspoon of cajun spice

Salt and pepper to season

Olive oil – a glug or two

1 red chilli but add more according to your taste if desired

1 lime

Cup of sweetcorn

1 avocado

2 spring onions

4 wraps

(Optional – cous cous, and greek yoghurt to serve).


Start by sprinkling all of your spices and seasoning into a large mixing bowl and combine well.

Chop up your chicken breast into chunks or strips and rub with the olive oil and then put into the bowl of spices and coat well.

Heat a pan on the hob with a little olive oil and pan fry your chicken strips making sure they are fully cooked through. Next add the sweetcorn, chopped spring onion, chopped avocado and stir for a minute or two .

Now fill the wraps on a separate plate and fold and transfer individually back to the pan until lightly crisp. You can use a standard frying pan for this but I find a griddle pan gives a better finish.

Serve with cous cous, greek yoghurt and if you are brave the sliced chilli. I like mine raw! Chop your lime into quarters and squeeze all over the quesadilla.

Tip: Nice with mango chutney or houmous. Even better with fresh coriander.